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Best Tea Spots in Honolulu

Best Tea Spots in Honolulu

Posted on February 06 2024

The 6 Best Tea Places in Honolulu
By Chinese Tea 101

The website Chinese Tea 101 recently published an article listing their Top 6 places for tea in Honolulu. We were truly honored to make the cut and be listed on their #2 spot!  

Visit their website for thorough research and reviews of ALL kinds of tea. They are a wonderful resource for any tea enthusiast to learn more about taste, aroma, quality, health benefits, and specific brands or locations. 

 We won't give away the whole list but here's the Top 3 locations in the article: 

1. Halekulani Afternoon Tea
This Waikiki gem is focused on the tea service, offering a variety of international teas and accompanying snacks.

2. Daily Whisk Matcha
Oh hello us! What got us listed is our commitment to serving quality matcha and hōjicha beverages. We also received a nod to our more unique flavor pairings like the Strawberry Matcha Latte and seasonal Pumpkin Spice Hōjicha. 

3. Tea at 1024
This cafe was established in 1999 in the heart of Downtown Honolulu. They offer a British-style afternoon tea set up and the interior is an adorably decorated like a bygone era. 

We are so grateful for the team at Chinese Tea 101 for including us in their comprehensive article. Please go check out the post and read honest reviews and quick Pro/Con bullet points for each site.