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slow down, take a sip. visit us in Kaimuki

  • Product Info

    This is our custom designed pin by local artist Missie Yamamura, owner of Venus Gurlz. After the opportunity to live in Japan, she is passionate about sharing Japanese culture in a mindful way.

    The design features our signature matcha in a beautiful chawan (tea bowl) with our chasen (bamboo whisk), and Salt Butter Bun. The Japanese phrase "ゆっくりして" is written on the bottom. 

    Together we decided on the phrase "ゆっくりして" or "Yukkuri-Shite" which means slowly, at ease, restful. Which inspired by our slogan to Slow down, Take a sip. The back card of the pin explains in detail why we chose these words.

    We hope you enjoy this thoughtful pin that encompasses what Daily Whisk Matcha is about.