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Hōjicha At-Home Essentials Set

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    If you love our Hōjicha and want to try making your own at home, we've got the perfect starter set for you! This Essentials Set includes:
    - A Mizuba Tea Co. 100g bag of Hōjicha powder
    - Our signature Daily Whisk Chasen

    Total value of the set is $52 but we are selling it for only $49!

    Hōjicha Flavor Profile: Balanced and sweet with hints of rich, toasty cocoa, caramel and malt. 

    Hōjicha is a very common tea in Japan and is made from roasted tea leaves. Roasting Hōjicha is considered similar to how coffee roasters roast green coffee. Each roaster may have a different methodology to carefully bring out nuances of flavor in the tea. This Hojicha organic and stone-milled from Uji, Japan.  

    Size: 100g Bag (50 servings)

    How to Care for your Chasen (whisk): Place the whisk under a gentle stream of hot water until clean. Completely dry both the chasen before storing it.